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Healthcare Development, Empowerment, Education, Communication Our goal is to improve performance in the healthcare sector through health promotion, education, training, communication, evaluation and research

Our Story

Our story begins with Dr. Bassam Darwish, a pioneer with a vast experience in Medical Media Healthcare Marketing and Consultancy since 1996 in the UAE. Dr. Darwish built the foundations and pillars of Balsam for Health Promotion since many years and then establish Balsam Healthcare Development, to keep up with developments in post-CORONA 19. With his expertise, Balsam has collaborated with a number of experts working in the health sector, doctors in different specialties, and…

From exponential patient engagement growth to measurable increases in brand visibility, our data-driven strategies deliver real results.

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Our Awesome Projects

For more than 25 year, we created and maintain many projects in the healthcare sector, some of the latest projects like

Steps Into Excellence

Performance Assessment
We review all details discussed with clients. In the review process additional details and information is gathered for improvements to be made.
Producing Tangible, Measurable Results
Throughout the years, we have succeeded in building trustworthy relationships with the healthcare firms in both goverment and private sectors.
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Our Services

We help our healthcare businesses and other stakeholders to achieve their business goals through our healthcare marketing services including Balsam Radio, Healthcare Marketing and Promotions, Brand development and more

Transform your Healthcare Business

Transform Your Healthcare Brand Today! Let’s revolutionize your online presence, amplify patient engagement, and boost your healthcare business to new heights.

Our Clients

During our vast experience in the GCC market, we established and maintaing a long and sustained relationship with many key players in the healthcare sector, some of them includes:
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